One More Time — Blogging and Bookish


Well, my 2015 is not off to wonderful start that I had hoped it would be. Life, work, school, etc. has interrupted what I hoped would be a better organized 2015. But, alas, that was not meant to be and I’ve had to re-evaluate my bookish blogging goals.

So here are my revised top ten goals for 2015.

  1. Create and maintain an editorial calendar.
  2. Post twice once a week.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Spend an hour 30 minutes (and that may be a bit optimistic) each week reading and commenting on other blogs that I’m following.
  5. Grow my followers by 10%.
  6. Create a new weekly monthly feature. I figure since I’m only posting once a week, a monthly feature would be ideal.
  7. Actively participate in the reading challenges that I’ve signed up for by posting reviews. This may have to wait until work and home settle down a little more.
  8. Update my blog’s theme and header.
  9. Read books that are outside of my “comfort zone.”
  10. Include guest bloggers. Learn to use the WordPress app to create blog posts, so I can multi-task while not at a computer.


stones-451329_1280I read somewhere that I it’s important to have goals and share them with others. Sharing your goals will help you maintain your goals and those you share them with will (should) hold you accountable for maintaining those goals.

So here are my goals for this blog:

  1. Post twice a week for December, January, and February: I work full-time as a librarian, a mom, and a student. I think posting twice a week is do-able.
  2. Establish a weekly feature by January 1. I’m not sure what this will be, but I’ve got time to think about it.
  3. Create an editorial schedule by December 15: This one of the top suggestions that I’ve seen for creating and maintaining a blog. This will help with ensuring that I can maintain my schedule.

These goals are completely realistic for me and not too taxing on my schedule. I’m looking forward to restarting my blog and enjoying the journey.