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About Me

I never know what to say on the “About Me” page. Do I include a picture of me? I never like any of my pictures, so that’s a difficult choice. How personal do I want to be? Should I include my job, marital status, parental status? Oh, decisions, decisions… Okay here goes nothing.

I am an avid reader of almost any genre. I mostly enjoy the Mystery and Thrillers genre but I’ve recently discovered YA novels. Those YA novels are attention-grabbing. And I love them! So I find myself drifting more and more to the YA section of the bookstore. Okay, who am I kidding? I haven’t been in a bookstore since my friendly neighborhood Border’s closed a few years ago. (Ugh!) So I’m an unwilling Amazon.com convert complete with a Kindle and everything. Sorry went on a little tangent… I even find myself reading a few middle-school novels too. I’ll be ready when my 4 year old daughter is ready to start tackling novels.

By trade, I am a librarian, a cataloging librarian. I didn’t grow up saying that I wanted to be a librarian. It’s just the path that unfolded before me. And I thoroughly enjoy my job. I find it hugely satisfying that, because I cataloged books, I assist people around the world find books, whether it’s for personal entertainment or for scholarly study. Of course, I’m eternally grateful for my fellow librarians who allow me to find and read more books than I have time to read.


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