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It’s Monday! What are you reading?

It's Monday

Well, it’s been another crazy week for me. But surprisingly, I have been able to finish reading several books that I have been reading. I have a backlog of thoughts/mini reviews to post.

Despite my reluctance to read Allegiant, I have finished reading it. I’m gathering my thoughts on the book so a review may still be a few days away. The amateur conspiracy theorist in me is conjuring up a few theories to throw out there and see what sticks. (That’s right I said it, I’m an amateur conspiracy theorist!)

I have also finished reading Carter Finally Gets It. I think my son would have enjoyed this selection, if I could get him to read (ugh!!) books. But he does read the newspaper and he’s a major conspiracy theorist in his own right. A review on Carter Finally Gets It should be posted within the week.

And I really enjoyed the audio book version of Eleanor & Park, despite some of the serious themes of the book.

Now on to what am I reading this week:

The Gods of Guilt

The Chase (O'Hare and Fox, #2)

The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly; narrated by Peter Giles

The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg


What are you reading this week?

Thanks for reading with me.


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