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Snow Days

Dasia the snow girl

Taking a little break from reading, I just want to mention that I love snow days. Let me clarify that I love that snow days give me a day off from work and undisturbed snow, but I do not enjoy the cold, the shoveling, the slick streets, the snow mounds, the…I think you get my drift (pun not intended).

This year, though, my snow day added another joy and dislike: Dasia, my daughter was able to enjoy the snow. And oh boy did she enjoy the snow.  She made snow angels, ran through the snow, even threw snowballs at the dog. She stayed outside while the menfolk shoveled the driveway and cleaned the cars.

Dasia made her first (miniature) snow girl with the help of her dad. They had a ball making her mini snow person, complete with the pennies for eyes, a thumb tack for the nose, and Dasia’s mini hat.

Did you get any snow where you lived? Were you able to enjoy the snow, even for a few minutes?




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