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Divergent and Insurgent: some thoughts

Divergent (Divergent #1)

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)






This post is a little longer than my usual post because I’m combining my thoughts (not reviews) on two books.

Since Borders (bookstore) closed several years ago, I don’t really have a bookstore in my area that I can really just browse and find books to read. From time to time, I may find myself wandering through a Books-A-Million store because it’s out of the way than I would normally go for my weekly shopping errands. One Saturday afternoon, I decided to stop in the Books-A-Million to buy a calendar, maybe a few magazines. As I walk into the store, I see Divergent books as soon as I walk in. I wonder what all the fuss was about. I was just about to pick up Divergent, but changed my mind. I had enough to read on my TBR and I was just about to go ALAMW14, I didn’t need another book sitting in my house waiting patiently to be read.

After I saw that Divergent would be a movie, I thought that would be great for my Book-Movie Challenge, since I have yet to add any books or movies to that challenge. After seeing the some movie trailers about the Divergent movie, I decided that I would see if my local library had the Divergent series available that I could borrow on my Kindle. Well, the ebook versions were on the website but not available to borrow. So I waited and waited and finally I received my notice in my email’s inbox, that I could borrow Divergent. A few days later, I received a notice that Insurgent was available to download to my Kindle. Well, alright! Things were lining up in my favor. When I read a trilogy, I prefer to binge read the entire trilogy…one book right after another. The only kink in this so far is that Allegiant still had a number of readers ahead of me waiting to borrow the ebook.

I knew I was late to the game as I started reading the Divergent series. When I began reading Divergent, I was excited and really enjoyed Divergent. I was thinking, “Oh yeah, better than the Hunger Games!” and “Girl power!” and “Dauntless!” And now I’m all “Meh, I don’t know if I want to read Allegiant, the last book in the trilogy.” Some of that is because I noticed that the rating of Allegiant were lower than Divergent and Insurgent and I read the reviews and some spoilers. The spoilers overall didn’t bother me because that’s just how I roll. But there was one spoiler that had me questioning if I could read it, after knowing what happens. Sorry getting a little ahead of myself…let me get back to Divergent.

I loved Divergent. The pacing was okay. Veronica Roth did a pretty good job of explaining how/why this future society is divided into groups or factions, with each group contributing to the “success” of the city. It had me thinking which group would I have an aptitude to being a member, would I have been divergent? Would I have survived the initiation of Dauntless? I doubt that I would have even made it to the train, like that one young man…I’d be factionless also.

I kinda enjoyed seeing the Dauntless initiation process. And VR did a pretty good job of letting us know how the other factions conducted their initiations by having the transfers explain the processes. I liked the slow building relationship of Tris and Four. Four couldn’t become involved with an initiate because it would call into question the validity of Tris’ scores and results of becoming a member of the Dauntless faction.  I knew something was amiss when Eric gave Tris the final injection.

Divergent was an easy read. I really enjoyed it, although I did find it a bit disturbing that this was a young adult novel and the level of violence. I thought the same thing about the Hunger Games, especially after I saw the movie. But I guess it’s just a product of the world we live in today.

I was glad that Insurgent exactly where Divergent left off. I was glad that I was able to read it right after I finished Divergent. Insurgent follows Tris and the others in her group in the aftermath of the destruction of two factions. I had questions about Insurgent. After Four shares his fears with Tris in Divergent, why would he share other recent revelations about his family? Their budding relationship hits several speed bumps and potholes. And I kept thinking that this whole book was one big simulation. I kept waiting for someone to realize that this is just a continuation of Tris’ simulation from Divergent. Well, maybe not that long ago. But I did think that it was a simulation where Tris and Four escape from Erudite labs and returns to the Dauntless refugees. I thought the escape was a bit too easy.  Having that thought was somewhat of a distraction for me.

While I wasn’t as thrilled with Insurgent as I was with Divergent, I liked it enough. I read it pretty quickly. I was a little disappointed that Allegiant wasn’t ready by the time I’d finished Insurgent. So I this is when I started reading some of the reviews of Allegiant, wanting to know why the ratings were lower than the others of the Divergent series.

Now let me just say that I am not deterred by negative ratings and reviews. Spoilers usually don’t ruin it for me either. But in this case, I’m not sure I want to read Allegiant because I read a spoiler. There are certain things that bother me when I read a book and Allegiant contains that ONE thing that I do not enjoy when I’m reading a book or watching a movie. I don’t want to say what my ONE thing is because I don’t want to ruin it for others who haven’t read the Divergent series, particularly Allegiant. Whenever this one thing happens, I’m left with the feeling of UUUGGGHHH!!! REALLY?!?!?!? So I’m torn…to read or not to read Allegiant, that is the question. I probably will read it so that I can say that I’ve completed the Divergent trilogy.

I actually do recommend Divergent and Insurgent to add to your TBR lists.

Thanks for reading with me.


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