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A Capitol Tour

I lived and worked in the Washington DC metropolitan area for all of my life. Each time I do something “touristy” I think of how I take Washington DC for granted. This area is full of history, culture, and diversity but, somehow, I just don’t view it in that way. I have never been on the inside of the Washington monument. I’ve only visited the Smithsonian museums a few times. Every time I realize how much I take my hometown for granted, I vow that I will learn about the city’s history.

Today I did just that. I was offered a tour of the U.S. Capitol building with a few of my colleagues by a Senate curator, Amy Burton. She had compiled research for a new book about the Capitol, To make beautiful the Capitol. We jumped at the opportunity. She was offering a tour that was different than the public tour (which I now would love to do).

It was an hour long tour of some book’s highlights: the Brumidi Corridor, the Capitol rotunda, the old Senate chamber, the old Supreme Court chamber, and saw an original tub used by the U.S. Senators. It was a lot of walking, up and down some narrow stairways, but I really enjoyed myself. By the end of the tour, my feet were hurting, my legs were hurting and still I wanted to see more. The tour was over way too quickly. Enjoy a few of the pictures from the tour:

Brumidi Corridor: If you look closely, you can see one of the conservation staff walking at the end of the hall.

Brumidi Corridor

Old Supreme Court Chamber:

Old Supreme Court Chamber

Old Senate Chamber

Old Senate Chamber


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