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Between You and Me

Between You and MeBetween You and Me by Emma McLaughlin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Logan Wade is unsatisfied with her life. She just celebrated her 27th birthday alone when her boyfriend closes the door behind her after making sure she is comfortable in a cab. She gets a surprising phone call from the assistant of her famous cousin, inviting Logan to spend a week with her cousin during a break. After a bitter argument between the assistant and Kelsey’s father, Kelsey offers Logan the job of her personal assistant.

Okay I really tried, really, really tried but I can’t even write a decent summary for this book. The book’s premise is a good one: what happens when a family history of mental illness is overlooked. Kelsey Wade is a popular pop star, but she also has episodes where she shuts herself in a closet and cries hysterically until one of her parents tell to be “strong Kelsey” and returns to performing. But, to be honest here, if I wanted to know about the rise and fall of Britney Spears, I would look at E True Hollywood Story.

I don’t think I could really say I finished the book. But since I stopped reading it, I finished readying it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I admire the authors’ goal of wanting to show how the demands of stardom can hide mental illness even from well-meaning close family members. The family’s dysfunction is evident and the authors’ did a good job of showing the toll it takes on the parents as well as the child-star, growing into adulthood. But the book didn’t really seem to have that build up to a climax of the story. I can see that Kelsey’s bad behavior was escalating, but I didn’t feel the desparation that Kelsey must have been feeling. It gets lost in Logan’s self-revelation of a childhood trauma.

Overall grade: C- or D+

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